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Helping Course Creators and Small Business Owners feel comfortable to run their businesses efficiently online without tech issues. 
Give your business the 'Build it Once' treatment and know you never have to worry again!   What does your business need?
  • Accountability as wearing 3 hats is too much
  • ​Guidance and help to Launch a course
  • Technical assistance
  • ​Clarity call so you know what is your next step
  • Setting up and connecting webpages to third party programs
  • Email and Email Management System 
  • ​Advice which Legal Documents are required
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What is stopping you from taking the next step?
Helping my clients get unstuck and move forward is one of the most important things I do. With over 20 years in management and project management I am able to cut though the fog of emotion attached to business and see ways forward that you might not have considered. 
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I have no idea about the technical side 

Not to worry, we can discuss what is out there and if you are really unsure I will always recommend programs that I use. There are also training videos that are available within the courses that you can watch.

I have already launched and had good results.

Amazing, you know where you are and where you are going. My question is what is next? Will you scale up, can you sell again to your audience or do you need to keep updating and renewing your offer?
What's your next step?

I have already tried with another programme and that didn't work

Fair enough, but I am not like anyone else. Those who choose to work with me to Launch a course actually do Launch...I stick to my word and never once had a client not launched. If you want it, hit the big purple button above and lets make this a reality for you.

I have just got started and no idea of a business yet..

I would suggest you jump into the membership and hone your skills / sharpen your sword and get ready for the next course, there will always be plenty to learn.

I don't want to run a signature / big course just small courses

Perfect, we have experience of bootcamps, workshops, big courses, evergreens and SLOs, book a call and see how we can benefit you going forward.

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