Our Training Modules are all below

Our  Starter Programmes:
The Magic of 5,4,3,2,1
 gain customers without having to pay for ads

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2 page 'how to' get on Google and Advertise for FREE and why its important to get noticed

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Over 75 Conversation Starters - never need to worry about content for 1 year

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Our  More In Depth Standalone Programmes:
A 15 minute guide on how to use automated emailing - Full version available in DIY Socials
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Get that 5 Star Profile and a Bonus Software tool to make ANY photo look Professional
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Know what size pictures and Documents needed for all social channels
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Our DIY Programmes:
DIY training to work through your business - Everything you need to get started right
6 Week LIVE Training with 1 hour zoom calls weekly and worksheets to implement 

Be in control of your own website, make customisable changes
Also be able to add Foreman app

Services - let us help you more range:
 1 Hour Consultation by Zoom
Price: £60.00

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Business Audit
Have your business socially audited and receive a PDF on what's good and what needs attention
Price: £297.00
Monthly Dashboard stats 1 year
delivered monthly by email, track your stats and look at where your business is now and plan for for the next quarter or year.
Price: £1500

As not everything is available online yet please let me know what you are interested in and we will come back to you

Please advise below what you are requiring and one of the team will send over

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